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Award winning Bengal Studs in Surrey

Would you like to take home a Bengal kitten? Typha-Typhast Cattery breeds award-winning Bengal kittens, and we welcome everyone to come and see our Bengal Studs. Visit us in Shepperton today. We are ideally located for cat lovers in Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Kent. 

Bengal Studs

We breed all recognised colours and patterns of the Bengal breed, however we are probably best known for our rosetted brown spotted kittens. All of our breeding Bengals are now rosetted and some of them carry snow and marble genes. If you are looking for that very special furry addition to the family, give us a call. We may have just what you are looking for.

Our kittens are born in our bedroom and spend the first three weeks with us under close supervision. We gradually integrate them and by thirteen weeks they are running all over the house and are ready for their new owners. They have a veterinary health check before going to their new homes, and they are also fully vaccinated against flu, enteritis, chlamydia and feline leukaemia. In addition, all kittens are microchipped and the new owners are provided with four weeks free insurance prior to leaving us.

All families enjoy the thrill of a kitten or kittens becoming new members of the family - and why not, they certainly bring lots of fun with them. However, some people prefer slightly older cats as companions and we can help there as well. There are many reasons why cats can sometimes need a new start in life and they also can add a new dimension to the right home. We have always been very involved with welfare and therefore we tend to hear quite often about cats needing a new home. If you are thinking that an older cat might be right for you, it is always worth asking us. The Bengal Cat Club also has a very active welfare section and many older cats are re-homed through the club. You could try and go to the welfare section.

Below are pictures of our recent Bengal Studs. If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment to view our Bengal Studs, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01932 228 139. You can also visit us to take a look at our cats.
Bengal Queens

GCCF UK & Imperial Grand Champion & TICA Champion Typhast Hurricane (4 Olympians & 5 Reserve Olympians)
Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal stud (76 30) (GCCF & TICA registered)

We are so pleased with this boy with his inky black rosettes on a silky gold coat – he is simply breathtaking. He is the son of Power Surge and like dad, he is a large and very muscular boy. He is a great asset to our breeding programme and has brought together many of the good features from our old lines with the added bonus of doughnut rosetting and size from his father.

His temperament is superb and he just loves to cuddle everyone. His last litter of kittens were reared with him and he was so happy teaching them how to use the exercise wheel and play chase, that we felt very guilty when they went to their new homes!

(Sire: Gogees Power Surge of Typhast - Dam: Ch Typhast Clearlispecial)
cat stretching
large sized cat

Bronze Olympian, UK & Imperial Grand Champion Typhast Greatballsofire 
Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal (76 30) (GCCF & TICA registered) 

GB (as he is known to his friends) carries the marble gene. He is a very large boy even by Bengal standards and he has (as his name implies) very large sorrel rosettes with darker outlines. He is a very affectionate, outgoing, lad of lovely type and has sired some beautiful kittens.

Under the GCCF system, we can only make up one cat at a time, so GB was not shown as a youngster. Although he was over three years old, to our delight he sailed through, winning his three championship certificates consecutively, plus Best of Breed on each occasion, culminating in Best of Variety Foreign Adult at the Kentish. He then went on to do the same in the Imperial and Grand classes. The icing on the cake was the 2011 Ocicat & Bengal Show where he won the Olympian, Best of Breed, first in all his classes and went on to win Overall Best Exhibit in Show. We hope his show career will continue to blossom - he is one hell of a cat and we love him dearly!

In May 2013, we showed GB in the Olympian again. Much to our delight, GB won the Olympian against seven other cats. His write up said: “An exhibit of fantastic type – which would be difficult to fault, beautifully presented, with the best temperament ever. He certainly deserved his high award.”

(Sire: Gogees Casanova - Dam: Azanabengals J'Lo of Typhast)

 GCCF Grand Champion Typhast Krakatau (1 Imp GC)
Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal stud (76 30)

We very proudly present Grand Champion Typhast Krakatau. This beautiful boy is providing an excellent outcross for us with a strong rosetted gene pool to help us progress with our breeding programme. 

We showed him at three consecutive shows as an adult and he swept the board undefeated, becoming a champion at our own Bengal Breed Show on 23rd July 2011, before becoming a Grand Champion at the Ocicat & Bengal Cat Club Show on 29th October 2011 at just 15 months old. He sired his first litter of kittens at just six months with Ch Typhast Quantumleap and they are superb, as are the kittens he sired with Typhast Trugem two weeks later. (At this point we put him outside in a stud house - beautiful though his kittens were, we were likely to become over-populated - his enthusiasm for his work was getting too much!) 

It is so rewarding to see the beautiful rosettes appearing in the various litters he sires, especially when integrated with Hurricane's lines, and we can again thank our friend, Gene Ducote for arranging for Shogun, Krakatau's father, to spend some time with us, giving us a healthy rosetted outcross practically unrelated to our own lines. The future is exciting!

(Sire: Stillmeadow Shogun of Gogees- Dam: Ch Typhast Collumbine)
well bred bengal cat
white-tummied bengal cat

Eriador Dune
Brown Spotted Bengal stud (76 30) (GCCF & TICA registered)

Dune is out of Saris Wizard, the white-tummied boy whom we imported from the USA in April 2007. We already knew that Centerpiece carried the white tummied gene so we were hopeful that we had a good mix to encourage this very attractive feature in our future Bengals. Dune is part of the jigsaw and a very lovely part, with the added bonus of being totally un-related to any of our existing lines. He has the sweetest nature, lovely soft well marked coat and a very pale underside.

His mother was a beautiful clearly-marked white-tummied girl and we are very grateful to Carol Hebdon for letting us have a Wizard son back to continue this aspect of our breeding programme.

(Sire: Saris Wizard of Gogees - Dam: Eriador Moneypenny)
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