Bombay & Asian Kittens

Bombay kitten breeders in Shepperton, Surrey 

Do you want to own a Bombay kitten? At Typha-Typhast Cattery, we breed top-quality Bombay and Asian Selfs for households across Surrey.  

Bombay and Asian Self kittens

Whether you have any queries or would like to book an appointment to view our Bombays and Asian Selfs, talk to Rosie and Barrie today. Shown below are some of the lovely Bombay and Asian kittens produced by our cats in the recent past.

Katie and Loony 

This is Katie with a litter from 'Loony' (Champion Typha Huntersmoon) There were three Bombays, all boys, and three Burmese girls - two brown and one chocolate.
Katie cat
bombay kittens

Asian/Bombay kittens

This is a lovely litter from Typha Firefly and Champion Typha Huntersmoon ('Loony') in 2012. There were two lilac Burmese, one boy and one girl, and two Chocolate Asian Selfs, one boy and one girl. They produce lovely, big, fat, adorable kittens -- what else would you expect from a combination of these two?
We have two male Bombay kittens available now
The Bombay kitten breeders at Typha-Typhast Cattery serve customers from locations across Shepperton, Surrey. Call us now on
01932 228 139

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