Bombay & Asian Queens

Bombay Queens in Shepperton, Surrey 

Would you like to take home a Bombay kitten? Typha-Typhast Cattery breeds award-winning Bombay and Asian Self kittens, and we welcome everyone to come and see our Bombay and Asian Self Queens. We breed top-quality Bombay and Asian Self kittens for households across Surrey. 

Bombay and Asian Self Queens

Whether you have any queries or would like to book an appointment to view our Bombays and Asian Selfs, contact Rosie and Barrie today. Shown below are some of the lovely Bombay and Asian Queens produced by our cats in the recent past.
Bombay & Asian Self Kittens

GCCF Champion Typha Oloroso (4 CCs) 
Chocolate Asian Queen(72b)

Rosie is the daughter of Chatty and Nanci – a love child - and doesn’t she know it. She never stops purring, loves the world and all who are in it. She has a strong, muscular body with lovely muscle tone. Soft, silky, short coat, solid to the roots, her mother’s very good type and deep golden eyes. However, she has one individual trait which can be a little disconcerting for visitors. She loves to get up high and then dive-bomb anyone passing below! As people walk into our kitchen this purring mass of chocolate fur descends from the top of the cabinets onto their shoulders. Fortunately, most people are so taken with her loving nature, they forgive her for the almost heart attack they had!

(Sire: Ch. Typha Chatline - Dam: Typha Fancinanci)
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asian cat

GCCF Champion Typha Ebony-Eyes (4 CCs)
Black Tortie Asian Queen (72e)

This delightful extravert girl is the daughter of Loony and Titania. She is a big typy girl with an ultra-short, well-mingled, sound coat and the most amazing deep bronze eyes. As far as she is concerned, people have been put into this world for her and she extracts her pound of love from every new person she meets.

Having done her socialising bit on the show bench, Ebony is now earmarked for maternity duties and we are really looking forward to kittens from her and Horatio in the Autumn, so watch this space.

(Sire: Ch Typha Huntersmoon - Dam: Typha Titania)

GCCF Champion Kimani Typha Fullcircle 
Bombay Queen (72)

Our grateful thanks to Sarah Dewhurst for letting us have this beautiful Bombay girl from Typha Black Pantha's last litter.

We had been very unfortunate as our own Pantha girl, Jet, had had to be spayed and it looked like we might
lose our breeding lines, but thanks to Sarah we now have Katie. 

She is a delightful, affectionate, extrovert Bombay nutter with a coat like patent leather. Totally oblivious of her surroundings, she lives by her own rules, doing exactly what she likes, usually at 90 mph! She has been shown four times and has four CCs and BOBs and became a Champion at under a year old. 

We have had lots of lovely comments from the judges who have handled her. She takes her attitude of I-love-the-world-so-you-must-love-me very seriously and has won many hearts, especially ours.

(Sire: Typha Black Pantha - Dam: Ch. Kimani Sweetchild Omine)
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The Bombay Queens at Typha-Typhast Cattery welcome customers from locations across Shepperton, Surrey. Call us now on
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