Bombay & Asian Studs

Bombay Studs in Shepperton, Surrey 

Would you like to take home a Bombay kitten? Typha-Typhast Cattery breeds award-winning Bombay and Asian Selfs kittens, and we welcome everyone to come and see our Bombay and Asian Selfs Studs. We breed top-quality Bombay and Asian Selfs kittens for households across Surrey.  

Bombay and Asian Self Studs

Whether you have any queries or would like to book an appointment to view our Bombays and Asian Selfs, talk to Rosie and Barrie today. Shown below are some of the lovely Bombay and Asian Studs produced by our cats in the recent past.
Bombay & Asian Self Queens

GCCF Grand Champion Typha Huntersmoon 
Bombay stud (72)

Typha Huntersmoon (Loony) has one of those sheer magic temperaments - he rolls, purrs, cuddles and thinks the world was made to love him. Which of course, it was, no-one can help but fall for his charms.

Apart from his fantastic temperament, he has a lot going for him. Shiny black coat solid to the roots, deep-gold eye colour, lovely Burmese type and long, balanced tail.

We are delighted to report that Loony became a champion in three consecutive shows at just one year and five days old. We then felt he needed to mature a little, before putting him up against the heavy mob in the Grand classes. We therefore did not bring him out again until The Southern Counties Show 2012 when he was just over 2.5 years old. Much to our joy he won his first Grand Certificate there and went on to win his second Grand at The Surrey & Sussex a few weeks later.

Summer was then upon us, when he enjoys sunbathing, (not good for a black coat) so we left it until the Autumn when his coat had settled again to try for his third Grand. We took him to the Supreme where Joyce Green gave him his third GCC and Best of Breed. Thank you, Joyce. He is a lovely boy and has a lot to offer to the breed.
cat with beautiful eyes
a black cat sleeping

Champion Trotkatz Black Horatio (5 CCs)
Bombay stud (72)

Horatio is a beautiful, gentle boy with a strong muscular body, sound jet-black coat and lovely type.

We are extremely lucky that Jon Trotter, his breeder, has allowed Horatio to come and live with us as he is totally unrelated to our boy, Loony. This way we are hoping to increase the number of Bombays available generally, whilst at the same time broadening the gene pool and producing lovely golden-eyed typy kittens.

For those like-minded people who love this amazing breed, the boys are at stud to suitable queens.

For the purists amongst you, you will be interested to know that both boys are Burmese-based back to five generations which will also, we hope, help to improve Burmese type where needed.
The Bombay Studs at Typha-Typhast Cattery welcome customers from locations across Shepperton, Surrey. Call us now on
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