Burmese Queens

Burmese Queens in Shepperton, Surrey  

Would you like to take home a Burmese kitten in Shepperton or anywhere in the Surrey area? Typha-Typhast Cattery breeds award-winning Burmese kittens, and we welcome everyone to come and see our Burmese Queens. Contact Rosie and Barrie at Typha-Typhast Cattery today.

Burmese Queens

On this page we will post photos of our Burmese Queens that are available unless shown as reserved or sold. If you need more details regarding our Burmese Queens or would like to schedule an appointment to see our queens, feel free to get in touch with us.
Burmese Kittens

Typha Firefly 
(Lilac Burmese Queen)

Firefly is a younger sister of Ch.Typha Daisychain. Daisy was so special to us that we kept another lilac girl from the repeat mating – we just couldn’t resist her. She also has her sister’s delightful and loving nature, beautiful “pink” lilac clear coat and lovely deep yellow eyes.

Interestingly, one thing that they seem to have in common is that they both “flash” their tails to express themselves. Not as a warning or to show aggressive feelings, just to say "we are here!"

There is a picture on the Asian kittens page of one of Firefly's adorable litters she's had with Grand Champion Typha Huntersmoon ('Loony'). This mating produces lovely kittens, they have the sweetest temperaments, and are real love babies! What else would you expect from a combination of these two?

(Sire: Champion Typha Buffoonbilly (2 Gr CCs) - Dam: Typha Jeuwell)
Lilac Burmese Queen
Brown Tortie Burmese queen

Typha Titania
(Brown Tortie Burmese Queen)

Titania is the daughter of King and Scrumpy and a real chip off the block. A gentle, sweet, uncomplicated but naughty tortie girl who is just full of love. Sadly, King and Scrumpy are no longer with us, so the responsibility lies with Titania to continue producing such magical kittens. With her background we are sure she will not find that too much of a challenge.
(Sire: UK & Imperial Grand Champion Minahto TyphaKings Nighte - Dam: Typha Reallyscrumptious)

Typha Charisma
(Brown Burmese Queen)

Charisma is our youngest Burmese queen and is a typical beautiful Typha Burmese. Confident, affectionate and highly intelligent. She goes right back to our original foundation lines and it is lovely to think we are still perpetuating the memory of our 'golden oldies' in her. She had her first litter of kittens in April 2010 this year and they were - gorgeous! She presented us with six kittens: three chocolates and three lilacs, and she raised them as we would have expected from her. Naughty, loving, beautiful hooligans! It very, very difficult to part with them. 

(Sire:UK & Imperial Grand Champion Minahto TyphaKings Nighte - Dam: Typha Eveningrose)
Brown Burmese Queen
If you want to have a look at our Burmese Queens in Shepperton, Surrey, contact Typha-Typhast Cattery on
01932 228 139

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