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If you are looking to buy a kitten for yourself or your little one, visit Typha-Typhast Cattery in Shepperton. We offer purebred Burmese, Bengal and Asian Self cats for sale. We are ideally located for customers in Hertfordshire, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. 

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Typha-Typhast Cattery was established by Rosie and Barrie Alger-Street who have been involved with cats all their lives in one way or another. Barrie's father bred Persians so he was brought up in a very cat orientated breeding household, whereas Rosie's mother took in all the local pregnant strays who had litters of kittens in the bottom of the kitchen cupboard. Totally different approaches, but still highly educational and a good grounding for their future vocation.

Barrie went into the Navy for 24 years and had to forego felines for that period, and Rosie had full-time employment and didn't think it fair to keep pets as well. However, as soon as she was able to go part-time, Rosie got her first Burmese - Moorings Seryna Sadie and in the early seventies the famous Typha-Typhast Cattery line was started.

Now here comes the lovely mushy bit! Barrie and Rosie met outside a cat pen at The Rosery in 1991, when Barrie came up to collect a friend's Burmese from stud. Barrie was already involved with Burmese at that time but was also all fired up about Bengals and kept visiting to chat about cats and Bengals in particular. He finally persuaded Rosie that there were other cats as good as Burmese and they consequently were among the first to bring Bengals into this country.

For over 30 years, Typha-Typhast Cattery has been synonymous with highly successful Burmese breeding in the UK by Rosie Alger. Rosie's dedication to the Burmese breed has been constant throughout with temperament, health and type being paramount in her highly successful lines - qualities that have ensured three decades of outstanding success on the show bench for the Typha Burmese and their offspring.

When Rosie and Barrie got together in 1991, it coincided with Rosie's interest in creating Burmese based Bombays and Asian Selfs and Barrie's fascination for Bengals. The prefix Typhast was added for Barrie, but Alger and Street soon became Alger-Street and today they breed jointly under Typha and Typhast with Typha being maintained for the Burmese and Asian Selfs and Typhast being used for Bengals. Rosie is a GCCF judge for all three breeds. With such a successful blue-print to follow from the Burmese, it is not surprising that as some of the foundation breeders of Bengals in the U.K., the same philosophy was adopted.
Club Typha-Typhast

Our love for Koi Carp

Another interest that they share is a passion for Koi Carp. This is purely an indulgence and visitors to the Typha-Typhast Cattery are amazed at seeing these large colourful fish swimming around in an eleven thousand gallon pond. They find it hard to accept that fish and cats can live in the same environment in harmony. Because of the nature of running a cattery, Rosie and Barrie are not able to join in many fish orientated events. However they have hosted the local Koi Section Closed Show every July at Typha-Typhast Cattery for many years, having about 150 people visit with their fish. It was a great event with six judges, a barbeque and many prizes.
Although they have fish only as a hobby, they have won top prizes at these events and made a great many new friends. It is interesting how many fish-people now have Bengals and Burmese as well!
Koi Carp fishes

The pets of Typha-Typhast Cattery

Very sadly their Aberdeen Terrier Marmite, died a little while ago, so Typha-Typhast Cattery is dog-less at the moment. However, they do have two very hard-working guard dogs, Freddie and Florence the geese, who take their duties very seriously.

Albert the tortoise

Unfortunately Albert the tortoise didn't "over-winter" well this year and he died in the spring when he was well into his nineties. It is strange how big a gap such a little creature leaves, but he had been at the Typha-Typhast Cattery for over thirty years and was part of the family. Rest in peace little fellow - you are sorely missed. 
small birds

Hens, ducks and more at the Typha-Typhast Cattery

Unfortunately the delightful bantam chicken who had defied all the laws of nature died this spring - she must have been older than Methuselah! A well- meaning friend gave them another chick recently that had been dumped on her property. It has turned into a beautiful, highly-coloured cockerel! Hmm - they won't get many eggs from him!

However, they did get a surprise litter in the September of 2010. A mallard duck had laid eggs, unbeknown to them, under the deodora tree and suddenly appeared with her nine chicks! It was delightful to see how the male was in attendance during their up-bringing. A lovely education for all.

Being near the Thames, they were able to decant them on the river when they were big enough and everyone hopes she will return next year to repeat the performance. It was so nice to see how none of the cats bothered them – let nature do its own thing and they can live in harmony. They only had one naughty Burmese who got too close and the mother duck pecked her firmly on the nose. She never went near them again - the others probably learnt a lesson from that!
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